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.I upgraded my antenna system in January 2019. I had a XR7-BA by JK Antenna installed along with a M2 M2-12M 12 element 2 meter yagi, horizontally polorized. The top set of guy wires was replaced with Phillystran 6700.


I have a 80-10 meter Off center Fed Dipole. It covers all bands with a tuner and surprisingly works on 75, 40, 30 , 12 and 10 meters without a tuner. It is below 1.5 to 1 in the 75 meter DX window, it covers all of 40 meters below 1.5. to 1, 30 meters is just under 2 to 1. 12 meters is perfectly flat, and it is great on 10m. As of late with my SO2R efforts, I have been experimenting with different antennas. I have found when I am on 15 meters with the primary station, I can use the secondary station on 10m with the OCF and have excellent results. 
These days I am just using this antenna on 80 meters until I can get another loop up for 80.

I installed an inverted L for 160 meters this winter. It has been a great success. At present it has 20, 65' long radials on the ground. Great antenna.


Installing the DX-B Sloper

I recently installed a Alpha Delta DX-B Quarter Wave Sloper on the side of the tower. It is located between the top set of guy wires and the tri-bander. So far it works as specified. Resonate in the Dx window on 160, 80, and all of 30m. it is a little high in the band on 40, but since I have the full wave loop and the OCF, I won't sweat that for now. It works better than the Inverted L on 160 that it replaced.

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