I use the Telepost LP-100A, with dual coupler option, the Top Ten Devices DX Doubler along with the Array Solutions 6-Pack for SO2R operations. These components make for seamless operation with 2 radios. 
 had wanted to run SO2R for a long time. It is not simply the cost of buying a second radio. There needs to be filters or tuned stubs, antenna switching considerations as well as switching key and mic from each radio. I began initial tests of my SO2R in late summer 2011, by CQWW CW, it was becoming old hat. I now do not see how I contested with out  the second station. I now need a third rig so I can have a backup in case I lose a rig. Single radio operation is out the question. It may seem a little overwhelming at first, by I assure you it is worth ever bit of cost and effort. You won't regret it!!!

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