My Amps

I use the Ameritron AL-1500 on my primary station.

What can I say about this amp? It is a workhorse. I run it in contest after contest and it never complains, only pure
clean RF and plenty of it. The single 8877 is probably the best tube for ham radio amplifiers given it high gain, multiple source availability, and it long life when treated humanely. 1500 watts, the US legal limit is not asking a lot from one these tubes. 

The AL-1500 my 8877 is housed in is not too shabby either. While it lacks many of the bells and whistles the higher end amp enjoy, the AL-1500 has the bells truly needed in an HF power amplifier. Peter Pahl Power and Filament transformerts, Radio Switch band switch, full wave bridge rectifier and more.

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